Are You Willing to Guide us Forward in Using CoreQ in PNMI-Cs

In preparation for the implementation of a value-based payment model in the state of Maine, PNMI-Cs (Provider Network Management and Integration – Care) have the opportunity toengage in a pilot program utilizing CoreQ to gather Person-reported outcomes (PROs). These PROs are crucial for assessing patient and resident satisfaction within care settings.
Maine is actively seeking PNMI-Cs to join this initiative. Participation in the program offers the chance to receive $10,000 in support of efforts to enhance staff engagement, facilitate survey completion, and foster a commitment to delivering high-quality care to all residents in their facilities.

What's expected from you:
  • A commitment of 12–15 months to the CoreQ implementation pilot.
  • Attendance in educational webinars led by national experts specializing in delivering high-quality care in nursing and residential care facilities. Designation of one individual to coordinate the survey within your center.
  • Dedication to assisting residents in completing satisfaction surveys, which will be conducted twice during the program.
  • Receipt of reports from the CoreQ team summarizing survey results.
  • Provision of feedback to the CoreQ team on the implementation of the survey within your facility, including suggestions for improvement.
For more information about this pilot, contact Lauren Michalakes at OADS at
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