Nursing Facility Rate Reform Comment Due Monday April 15

The Nursing Facility Rate reform comment period has been extended another week to April 15th. 
The Department will then respond in writing to comments with an explanation of whether and how the feedback was incorporated into the final rate determination. 
On March 7 and 8, MaineCare held a two-part virtual public meeting to present recommended draft rate methodologies specific to Nursing Facilities, along with rationale. Different components of the methodology were presented at each meeting for interested stakeholders. The presentations and video recordings are now posted online. 
Draft Rate Methodology Public Review and Comment for Section 67, Nursing Facilities Part I, Presentation and Recording - 3/7/2024
Draft Rate Methodology Public Review & Comment for Section 67 Nursing Facilities Part II, Presentation and Recording - 3/8/2024
As providers, your feedback is very important! MHCA has created this template to help members draft their responses to the proposed rate model. Please note that feedback via this online survey process is specific to the vendor's presentations on March 7 and 8, and there are two separate feedback collection links. 
Comment survey for meeting 1 link.
Comment survey for meeting 2 link.
Since the Residential Care rate reform is scheduled to take effect six months later, in July 2024, we expect DHHS to present the PNMI model at a later date.
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