Nominations Open for AHCA/NCAL Future Leaders Program

Maine Health Care Association is seeking nominations for the annual AHCA/NCAL Future Leaders of Long Term Care Program. Candidates will be selected for this professional training and mentorship program, which begins September 24-26, with a symposium in Washington, DC. Each state may nominate one person.

Nominees for the 2024-2025 class should be owners and/or operators who are up and coming leaders in their state (Maine). Individuals best suited for the program will have at least three years' experience in mid to senior-level long term care management positions, or at least one year as a C-Suite executive, or owner. We also encourage nominees who reflect the diversity of AHCA/NCAL membership in terms of race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.

MHCA members may submit the name and resume of their nominee to Angela Westhoff, MHCA President/CEO, in writing by April 30th. Self-nominations are welcome.

The following requirements and responsibilities are expected of Future Leaders participants:
  • Attend a three-day leadership training session based on Stephen Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, which will be held in Washington, DC September 24 -26;
  • Join and participate in a small team working group:
  • Participate in most of the scheduled quarterly conference calls;
  • Attend a graduation event at the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention & Expo, October 12-15, 2025 in Dallas, TX;
  • Demonstrate an interest in working on LTC issues at the national level, which may include participating on AHCA/NCAL workgroups or committees; and
  • Consider active participation in the AHCA/NCAL PAC and promoting its importance to other members.
AHCA will absorb the costs related to the symposium, including a two-night hotel stay, airfare, and a fixed stipend of $100 for miscellaneous travel expenses. 

Please contact Angela Westhoff at 207-623-1146 or with any questions.

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