Welcome to the new and improved MHCA E-News

MHCA is excited to announce the return of the MHCA E-News. As you may recall, MHCA transitioned to issuing Covid-19 email updates at the beginning of the pandemic, at first daily and more recently, twice weekly. While Covid-19 communications will remain an important part of communications from MHCA, this re-launch supports the communication of a wider range of important topics. The publication will arrive in your inbox each Thursday going forward and will include a Covid-19 specific category. Covid-19 Briefings will continue to be published Tuesdays until further notice.

With the re-launch comes new and improved functionality. All articles will now be sorted by category and accessible as archives on the MHCA website. When you click to view an article, you will be redirected to the website where you will be able to sort by category, month of publication, or the contributing staff person. If you wish to view all of the most recent articles without toggling between your email and browser you may select "all categories" from the top of the left column menu and you will be able to scroll the entire list of new articles in one place. There is also the option of printing individual articles in a “printer friendly” format. We are hopeful that this new format is a welcomed improvement and provides members with the information they need in a user-friendly format. We welcome your feedback, please reach out to either Nadine Grosso, or Ashley Ellis, with any questions or comments.

To subscribe/unsubscribe to the MHCA E-News email list please reach out to Dianne Chicoine at

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