MHCA Leads in Requesting $1 Million in Workforce Funding

In partnership with the Hanley Center for Health Leadership & Education, formerly known as the Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET), MHCA led in submitting a $1 million Congressional Directed Spending request (also known as "earmark") for CNA workforce expansion in Maine. 

This is a competitive application process, so we look forward to hearing whether this request is funded in the coming months. 

Application Objectives:
- Increase the number of CNAs in Maine to meet the growing demand for long term care services.
- Develop a sustainable model for recruiting and training CNAs to ensure a skilled and compassionate workforce.
Program Components:
1.    Adult Educator Component: Training will be provided to nursing facility educators to enhance their skills in teaching adults from diverse backgrounds, including those from disadvantaged communities, ensuring effective dissemination of knowledge and best practices.
2.    Workforce Development: The funds from this earmark will be allocated to nursing facilities to pay for the costs associated with training CNAs, incentivizing them to further invest in building our workforce.
·       Many nursing facilities already train CNAs and other professionals. The infrastructure foundation already exists. However, the current issue is that it is significantly underfunded by the Medicaid program, thus not meeting its full potential. This earmark funding will make a major impact in expanding the pipeline of these training systems. 
3.    Supportive Services for Students: Financial assistance will be provided to CNA students to cover the expenses of study materials, uniforms, and other necessary supplies.
4.    "Earn While You Learn" Model: Students will have the opportunity to earn competitive wages while undergoing CNA training, making the program more accessible and attractive to prospective candidates.
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