Final Rule: Adult Protective Services

The final rule regarding Adult Protective Services (APS) Functions and Grants Programs becomes effective on June 7, 2024. This rule establishes the first mandatory federal standards to govern APS policies, procedures, and practices. To receive federal funding, including Elder Justice Act funding for APS systems and programs, each state must comply with this rule by May 8, 2028.

The rule requires states to coordinate with their State Medicaid office, state licensing and certification agencies, and other investigative entities when concerns or allegations of adult maltreatment, exploitation, or abuse arise. States must define the settings and locations where adults may experience maltreatment and self-neglect to be eligible for APS services. Additionally, states must standardize these settings through defined policies.

Each state must establish policies and procedures, consistent with state law, to ensure coordination with other appropriate entities to detect, prevent, address, and remedy adult maltreatment and self-neglect.
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