Legislature’s HHS Committee begins work

The following members of the Legislature are serving on the Health and Human Services Committee and will be taking up most of the bills that affect nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
Senator Ned Claxton – Chair: Androscoggin County
Senator Joseph Baldacci: Penobscot County
Senator Marianne Moore: Washington County
Representative Michele Meyer – Chair: Eliot
Representative Jon Connor: Lewiston
Representative Margaret Craven: Lewiston
Representative Abigail Griffin: Levant
Representative Kathy Javner: Chester
Representative Michael Lemelin: Chelsea
Representative Colleen Madigan: Waterville
Representative Anne Perry: Calais
Representative Holly Stover: Boothbay
Representative Sam Zager: Portland
For the near future, the Committee will be taking all testimony via Zoom, as the State Capitol Building remains closed to everyone except a few staff people.  This has required adjustments for everyone involved, but the process is moving ahead.  For our members who want to participate in public hearings, there is no longer a reason to travel to Augusta.  This puts all parts of the state on equal footing and we urge members who would have difficulty appearing in person to consider this to take advantage of the opportunity.  Watch for details on upcoming bills through E News and MHCA Action Alerts. 

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