MHCA Collaborating with Maine CDC on LTC Vaccination

MHCA is working with Maine CDC on a vaccination plan for new residents and staff now that the federal LTC Pharmacy Partnership Program has concluded. The Association surveyed members this week to determine unmet need for vaccination of eligible residents and staff. We have shared this information with Maine CDC who is deploying Public Health Nursing (PHN) to begin vaccinating residents and staff as early as next week. PHN will have the necessary EUA documents and consent forms. We ask members to be patient as CDC coordinates this statewide process that could take several weeks. The goal is to efficiently provide vaccination without wasting limited supply of vaccine. If you have eligible residents and staff to be vaccinated, please email as soon as possible. Be sure to differentiate between resident and staff needs. MHCA appreciates the State's ongoing commitment to our vulnerable population and views this an opportunity to further strengthen Maine's long term care vaccination rates.

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