Common questions members are asking about visitation: 03/25/2021

Does federal CMS or MeCDC/DHHS Licensing limit the number of visitors we can let in our home at one time?
There is no limitation in guidance on the number of visitors allowed per visit; however, facilities may need to schedule and coordinate visits to manage visitor flow. Facilities should continue to be flexibility especially in end-of-life situations when more than two family members feel it is important to be present. Facilities could manage their scheduling of visits to accommodate occasions like this. 

Do we need to supervise visitation?
There is no requirement in guidance that indoor visits be supervised. 

Can we screen visitors for vaccination status and discourage entrance when unvaccinated?
In federal CMS guidance there is no requirement that visitors be vaccinated or that they be able to show a negative COVID test.  If a resident is fully vaccinated and wears a well-fitted mask, they can have a visit from anyone, as long as the visitors are screened for symptoms, wear a well-fitted mask and practice hand hygiene and social distancing.

Can children visit?
There is no restriction on the age of visitors.  Children and infants are allowed to visit, masked as appropriate by age, and they can have close contact with a fully vaccinated resident (i.e.., a grandchild (unvaccinated) sitting on a grandparent's (vaccinated resident) lap).

Can residents who are fully vaccinated leave the facility?

Do they need to quarantine upon return?
No, fully vaccinated residents are allowed to leave the facility for medical appointments or for an outing with family without having to quarantine upon return.   There is no requirement that the people taking residents out be vaccinated or tested. 

Can we allow communal dining and group activities again?
Communal dining and group activities are permitted, with appropriate safety protocols, for residents who are not in quarantine or isolation. 
Does a resident need to be actively dying to allow a compassionate care visit?
No, compassionate care visits are not defined only by the stage of the resident decline. The allowance of a compassionate care visit is dependent on the resident need and should be a multidisciplinary team decision.
Can a fully vaccinated resident go out to a restaurant with their family?
Please refer to the specific table guidance for your home in reference to vaccinated residents leaving the facility. Situations should be considered on a case-by-case basis and facilities are encouraged to direct questions like this to licensing as directed on the DHHS medical director call of 03/23/2021. According to CMS guidance fully vaccinated residents can go out for whatever reason and not have to quarantine upon return with masking and social distancing being recommended. 
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