Unusual state budget process begins

Democratic legislators put forth a plan this week that includes early adoption of a "baseline" State Budget that will take effect on July 1, 2021.  A vote on this is scheduled for as soon as next Tuesday.  This process is a departure from previous budgets and has been met with resistance from the minority Republicans. 
If the baseline budget is adopted next week, legislators will turn their attention to new initiatives for the remainder of the session.  We believe that these votes will require a two-thirds majority, and therefore some level of bipartisan agreement.
MHCA was encouraged when we were informed that cost of living adjustments for nursing homes and residential care facilities, along with nursing home rebasing, will be included in the baseline budget.  It is likely that other proposed initiatives we support will be part of the second phase of budget review. This will include COVID-19 relief measures.  
MHCA will continue to monitor the budget process and interject on our members' behalf.  Look for updates from us, as these initial budget decisions may move more quickly than we are accustomed to seeing.