Two more MHCA bills supported by HHS Committee

On Wednesday April 14, 2021, the Legislature's Health and Human services Committee held work sessions on several bills that have already received their public hearings. 

LD 1112, Resolve to Classify Employee Health Insurance as a Fixed Cost for MaineCare Reimbursement in Nursing Homes.  This bill was sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Jeffrey Timberlake and received a unanimous “Ought to Pass” recommendation by the Committee.

LD 1197, Resolve to Require Continued MaineCare Reimbursement to Nursing Facilities for Bed Hold Days During Hospitalization and Therapeutic Leaves of Absence.  This bill was sponsored by Representative Margaret Craven, who sits on the HHS Committee.  It also received unanimous support from the Committee.  This issue has already been debated in the proposed Biennial and Supplemental Budgets, with MHCA's position prevailing both times.  If LD 1197 passes, the requirement to fund bed hold days will become part of State Statute. 

Both bills are waiting for a fiscal note to be determined by the Office of Fiscal and Program Review.  This number will advise the Appropriations Committee how much funding will be required to put them into law.

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