Maine LTCOP to offer drop in calls for residents

The Maine LTC Ombudsman is partnering with Maine OADS to provide a weekly call for residents of congregate care settings. The call is titled "Drop In with Dr. Susan" and is held every Thursday at 10:00am. These calls will provide an opportunity for residents to discuss their pandemic experience. 

Follow this link to attend:

About Dr. Susan Wehry
Dr. Susan Wehry is a geriatric psychiatrist known for her unique blend of wisdom, compassion, common sense and plain talk. Her almost 40-year career has allowed her to teach, advise and engage students, advocates, policymakers, regulators, health professionals, and family members who serve older adults around the world. She helped out in the aftermath of 9/11 and Hurricanes and is keenly interested in hearing from older adults who have been living in congregate homes about what matters most to them about the Covid-19 ordeal. If you want to know more about her background, you can visit her website,

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