Maine LTC Facilities Should Have a Vaccination Process in Place with LTC Pharmacies; CDC’s ImmPact System Can be Used to Track Vaccination Status

Maine CDC is transitioning the vaccination of new LTC residents and staff from public health nursing to LTC Pharmacies or walk-in clinics as appropriate. LTC Pharmacies will have an initial vaccine supply that is being allocated from the federal Retail Pharmacy Program. Ongoing allocation, however, will be based on utilization, so it will be important for Maine nursing homes and assisted living facilities to align with LTC Pharmacies and secure a process for vaccinating your new residents and staff as soon as possible if you don't already have a relationship.

Additionally, MHCA has worked with the Maine Immunization Program on a protocol for providers to use the Maine Immunization Information System (ImmPact) to ascertain the vaccination status of new residents. Here's the latest information:
- If sites want to have “view-only” permission, they need to fill out a non-vaccine user agreement.
Sites are only allowed to view resident records. Sites wishing to see staff records should only search with the staff members' documented consent.
- Sites that are partnered with pharmacies to receive vaccine transfers will need to have a Covid-19 Provider Agreement: These sites can shift their ImmPact permissions from non-vaccine user tovaccine provider.
- The ImmPact team is happy to provide training on how to use ImmPact. If you are interested, please contact MHCA will request a training based on member response.

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