Communal Dining: To mask or not to mask

This week the Maine CDC reviewed guidance this week which explored if and when individuals living and working in our member homes could unmask. Below are highlighted scenarios from that review.

If all residents are fully vaccinated, during communal dining or group activities can they remove their masks? Can staff?
During “group activities or communal dining” masking is not required for the “residents” if all persons in attendance ( residents and staff ) are fully vaccinated If any person in attendance ( residents or staff ) are not fully vaccinated, then all persons must adhere to source control and the not fully vaccinated person(s) should continue to physically distance.

Can fully vaccinated staff take their masks off when they are with fully vaccinated residents?
No, at all times staff ( including support staff ) regardless of vaccination status are to adhere to source control.

What is the difference between a common area and a room where a group activity is being held?

Common areas refer to walking in halls, sitting in a general area, etc. where there is potential for persons to walk through or be in proximity and you may not know the vaccination status of all. When holding a communal dining/group activity the vaccination status of staff and residents in attendance will have been dete rmi ned beforehand. The “activity” should be controlled to ensure appropriate measures are taken based on the vaccination status of staff and residen ts in attendance.

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