ASHCAE Honors MHCA President and CEO Rick Erb

Rick Erb, MHCA President and CEO, was honored by his peers this week in a presentation during a meeting of the American Society of Health Care Administration Executives (ASHCAE). AHCA President and CEO Mark Parkinson thanked Rick for his 20 years of service and positive impact on long term care both in Maine and nationally. Parkinson credited Rick with improving the Association's financial stability, achieving a 99% nursing home membership retention rate, and ethically representing MHCA members over the course of many successes.

Rick's Connecticut counterpart, Matthew Barrett, President/CEO, spoke on behalf of the New England region of health care associatio
ns. Of Rick's success, Barrett said, “In the years I've known you, I've been most impressed with your consistently measured, deliberate, intelligent response and demeanor. These qualities have contributed our collective successes. We congratulate and thank you.”
MHCA staff joins ASHCAE in wishing Rick well in his future endeavors.

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