Maine Mandatory Vaccination Reporting Update to Timing of Submission

In an email from Maine DHHS DLC date July 28, 2021, clarification on access to the state reporting site is limited to the first 6 days of the months. The Maine mandatory vaccine reporting requirement states that these numbers are due by the 5th of every month. 
The link by which facilities report their staff members' COVID-19 vaccination rate to the State of Maine is only available, however, on the 1st through the 6th of each month. Those are the dates facilities can report the numbers for the prior months. (Ex: to report July numbers, facilities would access the link on any day starting August 1 thru August 6.)
If you try to report numbers on any other dates, you will see the message “This form is currently not accepting responses”. 
You can, however, see what numbers your facility already entered for prior months. Simply go to the MeCDC Dashboard, and find your facility. In the “Report Month” column next to your facility's name, hover your cursor over the blue line. If you hover it over the right end of the blue line, you'll get the most recent month's numbers that your facility reported.
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