Does your facility have a team member trained in the "gold standard" of resident assessment?

Now more than ever, it is important that Maine nursing homes have the tools they need to help financially sustain following the last debilitating year. The MDS Coordinator or RAC-CT has the dual benefit of supporting resident well-being and supporting your facility's bottom line. MDS is the key driver for Medicare payment and many Medicaid reimbursement systems, and is especially critical for you as a long-term care provider. Small adjustments in the case mix score can result in significant increases or decreases in revenue for which the facility is entitled. MDS Coordinators are responsible, ultimately for setting reimbursement for each resident and ensuring the facility is getting accurate, and maximum, reimbursement. You want one of these skilled individuals in your corner.
MHCA is offering the AAPACN RAC-CT certification virtually, September 1-3, 2021 via Zoom. Of important note, MHCA offers this program only every other year. Don't delay in registering today! 
Registration for this program is completed directly through AAPACN. Rates for this year's program are as follows:
  • AAPACN Member Rate: $675
  • Non-Member Rate: $875
  • AAPACN Membership + Workshop: $811
Please feel free to reach out to Ashley Ellis in the association office with any questions, 207-623-1146.

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