Weekly winner round-up in the Mike McNeil Cash Calendar Fundraiser!

MHCA is excited to announce this week's round of prize winners in the Mike McNeil Cash Calendar fundraiser. Drawings are posted to the MHCA Facebook page each day and will continue through the month of August, with a total of $3000 in prizes being given away!
  • August 19:  Lori Pomelow – Russell Park Rehab
  • August 20:  Ann Jobla – 75 State Street
  • August 21: Kim Packard – Norway Rehab
  • August 22: Lisa Chilgron – Courtland Rehab & Living Center
  • August 23: Lori Maxwell – Scarborough Terrace
  • August 24: Carmen Fortin – Saint Andrew's Village
  • August 25: Amy Smith – Pinnacle-Sanford
Winners will receive their prizes by mail prior to September 15th at the home address provided on the collection sheet. Thank you for your support of the Mike McNeil Scholarship Fund!

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