MHCA annual business meeting to be held via Zoom, September 23rd

On Thursday, September 23rd at 4:00 PM, the Maine Health Care Association will hold its annual meeting to elect members of the Board of Directors. Given the Delta variant, the meeting will be held via Zoom. A link to join the meeting, agenda, and electronic voting ballot will be forthcoming. The following individuals have been recommended by the nominating committee to fill three vacant positions on the MHCA Board of Directors: 
  • Jim Brown, Madigan Estates, 2-year term
  • Sandra Myers, Continuum Health Services, 2-year term
  • Jeff Ketchum, Pinnacle Health & Rehab of South Portland, 2-year term
The MHCA Business and Insurance Services annual meeting will take place following the MHCA Annual Business meeting. This meeting will include the election of one member to the Business and Insurance Services Board of Directors for a three-year term. Peter Davison, Horizons Living and Rehab Center, has been nominated for re-election to this position.

Letters of Designation/Authorization for Voting:
 Applicable to: Administrators who are unable to attend and would like to designate a member of their staff to vote on their behalf OR corporate officer/owner who is planning to vote on behalf of all owned/managed facilities. See Bylaws article III, section 7 below.
Letter of Designation/Authorization Form must be returned by 3:00 PM on September 23, 2021. (see Bylaws section below) You may fax or email your Letter of Designation/Authorization to either myself or Lori Canty (, our Administrative Support Specialist. Letters must include the following: 
  • Corporation Name
  • Designated Voter Name
  • Complete list of facilities
  • Authorized Signature 
Article III - Member, Section 7. Meetings.
Every member entitled to vote must do so in person or through their designated representative. Proxy votes will not be accepted. For purposes of voting the designated owner or administrator may vote for more than one facility/agency, only if they are the designated owner or administrator of record for more than one facility/agency. The designated owner or administrator may authorize and designate in writing an alternative representative to the president/chief executive officer at least one (1) hour prior to the exercise of the voting privilege, in order for the credentials committee to properly certify the validity of the document presented. The alternative representative or designated representative must have a formal affiliation with the facility/agency, either by ownership or employment status. For the purposes of this section, formal affiliation may be interpreted as employed on a full­time basis directly by the individual member facility/agency, or employed on a full­time basis by the corporate owner of the facility/agency, or as a director or a majority stockholder of the owner corporation. The decision of the credentials committee shall be binding.  

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