Updated Supplemental Payment Information for Sections 2, 67, and 97 Appendix C Providers

As previously announced, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will be issuing over $123 million in state and federal funds in supplemental COVID-19 payments to in-state Nursing Facilities (NFs), PNMI Appendix Cs (also known as Residential Care Facilities, or RCFs), and Adult Family Care Homes (AFCHs). Payments to facilities will be made in two lump sum amounts, with the first payment issued in September (this week) and a second payment in October. The September payment will be approximately half of the total payment, and the October payment will make up the remaining balance. 
The first payment will be issued with this week's cycle, on September 22nd.  These payments will be indicated on the Remittance Advices as “OTHER.”  
DHHS will send another notice when they have more information on the timing and details associated with the remaining payments to be made in October.  
As a reminder, any NFs, PNMI Cs or AFCHs enrolled with MaineCare that provided services during FY21 or FY22, and that were still active as of September 1, 2021, are eligible to receive supplemental payments. For more information about provider eligibility, use of funds, and more, please reference the DHHS September 10th e-message.  Please contact DHHS provider relations specialist, Tammy Usher, with any questions.
MHCA continues to meet with the Department regarding the supplemental payments. We understand that a FAQ document will be developed to address questions on allowable use of funds. We will provide more details as we continue our communication with DHHS.
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