Notify MHCA if you need a pharmacy partner for Pfizer booster shots

Pfizer booster shot clinics are already underway for some member facilities. MHCA recommends that you contact your pharmacy representative as soon as possible to schedule booster shots for residents who had Pfizer, as well as any staff who may want the booster if six months have passed since primary dose. Please note – the third shot is not included in the Maine CDC definition of “fully vaccinated” for the purpose of the state health care worker mandate. 

Given the frailty of our long term care population and the storage requirements of the Pfizer vaccine, in-house clinics provided by pharmacies are preferable, but members should discuss the options with their pharmacy providers. If your pharmacy is unable to provide a clinic, please contact Nadine Grosso at MHCA, or 207-623-1146 so we may work with CDC on options. 

As a reminder, the CDC and ACIP have noted that the COVID-19 vaccine and the influenza vaccination can be co-administered in cases where an individual is eligible for both vaccinations.