Maine Jobs and Recovery Healthcare Workforce Initiative Survey

The Maine Departments of Labor (MDOL) and Health and Human Services (DHHS) are interested in better understanding your recruitment and training needs. Within today's economy, MDOL and DHHS are committed to investing in our current health care workforce and growing a strong health care talent pipeline. To ensure emerging workforce strategies are aligned to meet your needs, Maine DOL and DHHS are hoping to gather input from long term care providers.
They are seeking your feedback through a brief (5-7) minute survey to be filled out no later than October 29, 2021. The survey is available here.
A staff person in your organization who oversees training and recruitment efforts and is familiar with the scope of your workforce positions would be optimally positioned to complete the survey. For organizations that are a part of a larger health system, please feel free to fill out the survey to represent information from your specific location.
Thank you for your time and expertise in filling out this brief survey. Your input is critical to inform our programs and ensure implementation of state and federal resources meet critical healthcare workforce needs.
Staff contact: