DLC Memo: Staffing Ratio Waiver Request

On Friday, November 19, 2021 the Maine Division of Licensing and Certification (DLC) released a letter of guidance regarding the waiver of minimum staff-to-resident ratios. In this letter, DLC Director William Montejo indicated that facilities may request a staffing ratio rule waiver for the sole purpose of allowing the facility to assist hospitals with the discharge of residents who are eligible for skilled or nursing home admission.
As a condition of consideration, during the time of such a conditional waiver the facility must submit a weekly report indicating the number of admissions and from which hospital they were admitted. MHCA has created a t
emplate request letter for homes to use when requesting such a waiver. Please note that this waiver is only relevant to the State based staff-to-resident ratio rule and does not waive the requirement for compliance with the federal CMS Conditions of Participation.

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