Follow up from recent CDC/DHHS Med. Directors Call 12/7/21

In follow up to last week's Maine CDC/DHHS Medical Directors call held on the first and third Tuesday of each month the following information has been shared for member's reference:

As a reminder, facilities should coordinate the request for Monoclonal Antibody treatment with their CDC Outbreak Coordinator directly. That will be the most efficient way to access MAb in the midst of an outbreak.

Several examples of mAb info sheets & clinical tools are attached (with thanks to the team at St Joe's Hospital for sharing these), and also with thanks to Deidre Heersink, links to a few more as well:

Pt info summary from NC DHHS:
Also, more resources from ASCP on mAb's:
The next call will be 3rd Tues of December, the 20th, with a focus on clinical protocols & patient/family education for promoting monoclonal antibody use for COVID treatment and/or post-exposure prophylaxis. 

If you are interested in sharing your experiences with MAb administration, family and resident declination or acceptances throughout the treatment process please email Lisa Letourneau at