Update on Phase 4 Provider Relief Fund and ARP Rural Payments

Last week, HRSA provided updated information on the status of PRF Phase 4 and ARP Rural Payments. Topics include size of Phase 4 awards, additional detail on Phase 4 methodology, update on hospital funds transfer to SNFs, and updated timelines regarding receipt of funds and provider requests for individualized support. To view total provider state by state data awards for Phase 4 to-date, click here and for ARP Rural, click here.
A total of 315 Maine providers (across multiple health care sectors) received Phase 4 funding totaling $60,691,173. For rural funding, there were 314 providers who received a total of $129,052,464.
Reporting Period 2 begins on January 1, 2022 and the extended Reporting Period 1 ended on December 20, 2021. No additional Reporting Period 1 extensions will be offered. Due to technical difficulties during the Reporting Period 1 dates, HRSA urges providers to submit as soon as possible.
Phase 3 reconsiderations are taking longer than expected- over 4,500 were submitted. HRSA expects to complete the review of reconsiderations between January and March 2022. Rural and Phase IV Reconsideration is expected to launch in February.
At HRSA's request all questions should be directed to their Support Line at 1-866-569-3522.
For more information on HRSA PRF funding updates, please review AHCA/ NCAL summary document here.
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