REMINDER: MEMA PPE/Testing Supply Requests

Today the Maine Emergency Management Agencies put out a notice stating that they have been receiving an increasing number of PPE/COVID testing supply requests in recent weeks with the uptick in COVID19 cases.  As I'm sure you already know the CDC has taken over all PPE/testing supply orders since July 21st 2021. To remedy any confusion, please follow the steps below:
Below is a downloadable "form link" for your facility to submit a resource request(s) for Personal Protective Equipment or COVID19 Testing supplies.
A separate order will need to be created when ordering both PPE and Testing supplies.
The link to that form is
CDC is using a tiered process to allocate limited PPE resources as they are requested.
We would highly encourage you to continue looking for PPE/Testing supply vendors as well. 
Please send your completed form(s) to
Additionally we would recommend visiting the below
webpage to stay informed on COVID19 response efforts.
Staff Contact: