Notes from ME DHHS Medical Directors Call 02/01/2022

Update on COVID Therapeutics: Infection Prevention & Control Updates/ PPT from Carrie Rice & related resources
  • ME CDC Outbreak Reporting line: 1-800-821-5821
  • HAI resources
  • Questions can be emailed:
CMS Nsg Home Facility Administrator Letter on COVID Vaccine Rule (referenced by Bill Montejo) – attached  
Question on state & CMS vaccine requirement & boosters:
Q: Does the CMS guidance require a booster dose?
A:  No, but requires individuals to be “fully vaccinated” (i.e. have completed their initial vaccine series)
Of note, US CDC definitions of “fully vaccinated” & “up to date” (i.e. fully vaccinated + completed any/all suggested boosters).
Question on new hires & vaccination status:
Q: Is there still a limited time that newly hired employees can work in a LTC facility prior to being fully vaccinated i.e. if they have one  shot of 2 dose series or both doses but it hasn't been 2 full weeks?
A: This is no longer the case, they need to be vaccinated to start (From: Moria Pratt <>, Project Coordinator/Vaccine Educator, ME CDC Division of Disease Surveillance, tel (207) 287-4466)
The next MD call is on Tues, Feb 15.
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