MHCA Seeks Feedback: Proposed Changes to Rules Regarding Delegation by RNs of Selected Nursing Tasks to Certified Nursing Assistants

Recently, MHCA was made aware that there are proposed amendments to the Chapter 5:Training Programs and Delegation by Registered Professional Nurses of Selected Nursing Tasks to Certified Nursing Assistants rule. Changes of note include:
  • modifying clinical sites approved for CNA-M medication administration;
  • include diabetic subcutaneous medication administration, gastrostomy tube medication administration, and nebulizer therapy;
  • modify faculty requirements for course instruction with changes in related experience;
  • include an exemption to permit registered nurse students in a nursing program that meet medication administration requirements to administer medications; and
  • add language to permit practical nurses/ registered professional nurses who successfully complete a prelicensure program to administer medications.
MHCA asks that you send any feedback on this proposed change to Danielle Watford by March 15, 2022 to assist in the drafting a joint Association Response. 

Official comments are due by Monday, March 28, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.

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