Maine Health Care Employer Marketing Campaign

Maine Health Care Association members are invited to participate in an effort to raise awareness of employment opportunities in Maine's health care sector.

Live + Work in Maine, The Department of Health and Human Services and associations including MHCA, Maine Hospital Association and the Maine Primary Care Association are partnering together to develop a variety of FREE resources to assist with recruitment and retention marketing efforts for health care workers. 

One of the first steps is to create a central job board that the marketing campaign can direct young people interested in health care careers to. This is a free resource for you to participate in - and will be marketed with significant resources. Please complete this short questionnaire to help us collect your job listing information. 

Please note: We are looking to collect your job listing web address (URL) where all of your open positions are listed. If you use another vendor like please be sure to include your company profile URL (not a link to a single job).

Staff contact: