Fire Marshal Updates POC Submission Protocol

MHCA is sharing an important update for all healthcare provider types from the Maine Fire Marshal:
The Fire Marshal Office is going to an all electronic system for sending/receiving plans of corrections. As you are aware, the Fire Marshal is sending providers the Statement of Deficiency via fax and/or email which is provided to our inspectors at the time of the survey. When sending your plan of correction into the fire marshal's office once completed, you must now send the plan of correction to the following email:
Please do not send your plan of correction to the office via US Mail or fax. The Maine Fire Marshal appreciates your assistance in this transition. This information will be also be on the cover letter sent out with your SOD.
Again, this new email ( is only for sending in your plan of correction.
As always, if you have any questions about your inspections or administrative paper work you can still reach out to Supervisor Ron Peaslee, Greg Day or the clerk for the healthcare inspections Joanne Cummings.   207-441-0622  207-626-3880
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