Need a COVID-19 booster clinic? Here’s the process

Maine CDC recommends long term care facilities take the following steps to secure a COVID-19 booster clinic:
  1. Work with your existing pharmacy that normally provides flu clinics;
  2. Work with national retail pharmacy that previously provided you with COVID-19 vaccine clinics (i.e. Walgreens and CVS)
  3. Work with local independent pharmacy: Ind Pharmacy List
If these options are not producing results, the easiest and fastest way for any facility to request support from the Maine Immunization Program (MIP) is by completing the following form: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Application (
Once MIP has received the application, it is reviewed and discussed with the Community Vaccine Events Group, and if approved, they work on finding a provider for the clinic and then the facility and provider coordinate the rest. For more information, please contact Casie Bumford, Project Coordinator at MIP at
Staff contact: