Back by popular demand! MHCA partners with StrengthenME for free virtual workshops

You asked, we listened! We are pleased to share that we have again partnered with Strengthen ME, the State of Maine's behavioral health and resiliency response to the Covid-19 pandemic to bring a 6-week series of 30-minute wellness workshops to our members. Workshops are scheduled on Mondays from 1-1:30PM on Zoom (full list of dates below.) Wellness workshops are modeled after “Lunch and Learns” that focus on mental and emotional wellness using practical tips and mindfulness to explore a variety of topics. Participants may attend any or all of the sessions and there is no cost to participate. We encourage members to share this opportunity with your staff, all are welcome. A printable flyer can be found here.

The schedule of topics is as follows:
  • JULY 18- CULTIVATING JOY - Joy is one of my emotions that we encounter in life, and yet it can feel elusive. This workshop explores ways to cultivate more joy through deliberate actions, as well as addresses common barriers to joy through mindfulness.
  • JULY 25- COGNITIVE FLEXIBILITY - Being flexible is often considered a good thing, and it can be hard to find “stretching exercises” for our minds. This workshop explores how cognitive flexibility relates to wellness and offers easy tips on how to notice and flex our inner narratives.
  • AUGUST 1- STORY TIME: SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES - During this workshop, you can sit back and relax and listen to an inspirational story that is sure to help you shift your perspective.
  • AUGUST 8- FOSTERING FORGIVENESS - Do you find forgiveness difficult to practice when it comes to certain people in your life, or maybe even forgiving yourself? This workshop explores why forgiveness is important for our mental wellness, and ways to approach it.
  • AUGUST 15- QUIETING THE MIND - In this workshop, we'll explore the idea of Monkey Mind and how the demands of life impact our ability to experience a quiet mind. We will review ways to quiet the mind, and practice using mindfulness to slow racing thoughts.
  • AUGUST 22- EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - We communicate all day every day, and when there is a breakdown in communication…. well, it's not pretty. In this workshop we will identify common barriers to communication, explore communication styles, and discuss strategies for dealing with communication pitfalls.
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