CDC Updates Guidance on Enhanced Barrier Precautions for Nursing Homes

Coinciding with a new report on antimicrobial resistance, the CDC has updated its guidance on enhanced barrier precautions (EBP) for all health care settings, including nursing homes. The guidance expands to residents that trigger the use of EBP and indicates it should be followed for any resident in the facility with:
  • An open wound requiring a dressing change;
  • An indwelling catheter for the duration of their stay; and
  • Is colonized with MDRO and contact precautions do not apply.
The EBP requires the use of gown and gloves during high-contact resident care activities that provide opportunities for transfer of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) to staff hands and clothing. Use of eye protection may be necessary when splash or spray may occur but is not necessary in other situations.

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