Rate Determination Initiation Notice for Section 2, Adult Family Care Services

The Department of Health and Human Services is initiating a Rate Determination Process* for Section 2 (Adult Family Care Services) of the MaineCare Benefits Manual.  New rates are being determined pursuant to section AAAA-6 of Public Law 2021 Chapter 398, which requires that effective 1/1/23 “the labor portion of the reimbursement rates for essential support workers as defined in Title 22, section 7401, subsection 3 to equal at least 125% of the minimum wage.” 
There will be opportunities throughout the Rate Determination process for stakeholders to give input and provide comment.
You may reach out to Jessica Levesque, MaineCare's Rate Setting Project Manager for this process, with any questions related to this determination process.
* This notice is being sent pursuant to Public Law 2022 Chapter 639.
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