MHCA Provides Testimony to DHHS on Proposed MaineCare Rate Determination Schedule

Pursuant to Public Law 2021 Chapter 639, the Department must annually develop a schedule of rate determination in consultation with the MaineCare Rate Reform Expert Technical Advisory Panel (TAP). The Department must then post the proposed rate determination schedule on its publicly accessible website, provide an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the rate determination schedule, and make available a summary of these comments on its publicly accessible website.
MHCA President/ CEO Angela Westhoff testified on the proposed schedule noting that nursing homes (Section 67) and private non-medical institutions (Section 97-C) are on the schedule for Calendar Year 2023. Ms. Westhoff's testimony noted that currently rates to do not keep pace with the cost of providing long term care services and that there was a $46 million dollar shortfall identified in a recent analysis of the 2021 as filed cost reports for nursing facilities in Maine.
She stated, “Facilities are struggling to make ends meet and remain open. We saw six facility closures over the past year, and many long-term care facilities are at risk of closing in the future. In addition to the lagging reimbursement rate, inflation is skyrocketing, minimum wage rises every year creating wage compression throughout the workforce, and the pandemic's long shadow continues to loom ominously over facilities. These factors are driving up the costs of providing skilled nursing care to those who need it the most.”
She asked that as the Department approaches the rate determination process that overall rates increase to ensure access to long term care and that opportunities for provider input are robust.
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