Enhance the resident experience through free access to Memory Lane TV

The Maine Dementia Care Partnership is pleased to announce the approval of a CMP reinvestment grant allowing for Maine Long-Term Care facilities to adopt, at no cost for 24 months, an innovative approach to dementia care, Memory Lane TV (click link to learn more.) Memory Lane TV is a digital system for the delivery of non-pharmaceutical interventions and care to people living with dementia, improving engagement, quality of life, and enhanced well-being. Their solution leverages the science behind sensory stimulation as a means of managing the psychological and behavioral symptoms associated with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
Please join us for a brief Zoom presentation on Monday, November 14th at 1PM to learn more about Memory Lane TV and how your home can utilize it for FREE. Registration is required, click here to receive a link to join.
Facilities will have access to a unique catalogue of therapeutically derived, exclusive, multisensory content created using a suggestive, cinematic, “Guided Imagery” technique. Films do not have complex plots, are not character-dependent, and are designed to reinforce the circadian rhythm. They create a grounding in the moment; they drive engagement, socialization, and reminiscence; they promote relaxation; and they activate the senses through digital media, films, photography, music, sounds, and (optionally) smell, by means of specifically paired aromas delivered either by diffuser or personal “diffuser dots”. Memory Lane TV's person-centered attribute will allow facilities to customize session content and can be utilized effectively to provide support for dementia symptoms such as sun downing, anxiety, stress, memory loss, and confusion. It is a great program for the Therapeutic Recreation Department to use for activities.
As required of the grant funding, the Partnership will engage at least sixty long-term care nursing homes throughout Maine in a formalized effort to implement Memory Lane TV. Interested facilities will sign a letter of agreement and receive support from Memory Lane TV staff.
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