Maine House and Senate Announce Committee Assignments

The Maine House and Senate leadership have appointed the committee assignments for the 131st Session. Below are details about the committees that are most relevant to our work. 

Do you have a strong relationship with any of these elected officials? Members are encouraged to share this information with MHCA Director of Public Affairs, Ben Hawkins, at

Health and Human Services
Senator Joe Baldacci, Chair (D-Penobscot)
Senator Henry Ingwersen (D-York)
Senator Marianne Moore (R-Washington)
Michele Meyer, Chair (D-Eliot)
Colleen M. Madigan (D-Waterville)
Margaret Craven (D-Lewiston)
Samuel Lewis Zager (D-Portland)
Daniel Joseph Shagoury (D-Hallowell)
Anne P. Graham (D-North Yarmouth)
Kathy Irene Javner (R-Chester)*
Abigail W. Griffin (R-Levant)
Michael H. Lemelin (R-Chelsea)
Ann Fredericks (R-Sanford)

Appropriations and Financial Affairs
Senator Peggy Rotundo, Chair (D-Androscoggin)
Senator Jill Duson (D-Cumberland)
Senator Rick Bennett (R-Oxford)
Melanie F. Sachs, Chair (D-Freeport)
Jessica L. Fay (D-Raymond)
Benjamin T. Collings (D-Portland)
Ann Higgins Matlack (D-St. George)
Rebecca J. Millett (D-Cape Elizabeth)
Drew M. Gattine (D-Westbrook)
H. Sawin Millett, Jr. (R-Waterford)*
John E. Ducharme III (R-Madison)
Mark John Blier (R-Buxton)
Nathan M. Carlow (R-Buxton)