Remember ME Online Application


To nominate your resident, please use the nomination form below. To avoid losing your work, we recommend writing your narrative in an application like Word and then copying and pasting the full narrative into the application below.  Submissions must be completed in one session. Partial nominations will not be saved.
This photographic tribute is our way of remembering resident contributions and saying thank you. We are looking for pioneering, innovative residents who meet any of the following criteria:
  • Residents with historically significant backgrounds;
  • Residents who have had unique or interesting accomplishments either while living in the facility or prior to admission;
  • Residents who have overcome either personal or health-related obstacles to achieve;
  • Residents who have served community, state or country (through volunteerism, civic organizations or US military); OR
  • Residents who are considered pillars of the local community.
In fairness to all, we ask you to nominate only one resident from a facility. For examples of previous honoree biographies, please reference the 2023 program book. As in previous years, we will convene a panel of judges, comprised of an MHCA staff member, a board member and a representative from an outside agency to help us in the selection process.
When considering a candidate, please be sure the resident is willing to be photographed by our professional vendors if he or she is selected. We understand there may be unforeseen circumstances, like illness, that may preclude getting a current photo when the time comes, but residents/families/POAs should be agreeable to the photography heading into the project. We will follow all applicable infection control procedures to ensure a safe photo shoot, i.e. masking, social distancing, etc. This will include requiring residents to be as close to entry points and natural light as possible to avoid having photographers move throughout your communities.
Lastly, we strongly encourage submissions to be thoughtful, using the 750 word limit to relay the resident’s story. In the past, submissions that are very short or in a bullet format are rarely selected by the judges, as they don’t relay enough information.  


Staff Contact: 
Dianne J. Chicoine
Director of Business & Information Services

Please be sure you have enough time to complete the application in one sitting, the system will not save your progress and you will need to begin again.